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Top Facts about Space

There are numerous of facts about the space and they are interesting to listen. The need to be in the space is the dream of most people on earth but it is not that simple and easy to be there since the astronauts are the ones that are qualified to be in the space since they go for a reason. There are some interesting facts that you can get to know about space that can make you feel like you have been to space since you will have to imagine about them. It is imperative that you get to know the following space facts.

There are lots of other planets in the space beside the most popular eight planets. There is another star that has thousands of planets orbiting around it. The research is ongoing by the scientists to identify another planet that can have a life besides earth where human being s can live. When you are in the space the skin of the feet peels off. This is an interesting fact about space but it is the reality since the astronauts are supposed to wear the same underwear and socks for days before changing. When changing they have to be careful so that the dead cells of the skin not to float in the environment that is weightless.

Sun is the biggest and earth can fit the size of the sun million times. Sun is at the center position of the solar system where all other planets are orbiting around it and earth must be in the same size millions of times so that it can perfectly fit the size of the sun. When you look the size of the sun in the sky with your naked eyes t looks so small but it is essential you get to know that it’s the biggest. The height changes when you are in the space and you become taller. The gravity in space does not work and you can become taller to a certain height since gravity is not working appropriately.

The weather at space is not favorable as the one on earth. The other planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and others experience unfavorable weather conditions since the hurricanes are severe, winds can blow for long without stopping and moreover the temperatures can change in the same day not predictable. Another fact is that space is not much far from earth. The distance from earth is about 100km and you when driving your car upwards you will be there in less than an hour.

When you happen to cry while you are in the space your tears will not fall down and instead they will form bubbles around your eye and be suspended in the weightless environment.

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